Do you have an idea for an invention? Do you know what to do with your idea?

We help everyday inventors try to patent and submit their ideas to companies. At InventHelp, we can help you if you have an invention, even if it's just an idea, a drawing, or a prototype! We help inventors in many different stages. The invention process can be long, difficult, and confusing, so put InventHelp's 30 years of experience on your side. Schedule an appointment today!

By visiting an InventHelp office, a sales representative can tell you how to get started with your idea. They will also explain our services to you, including how InventHelp will package your idea, provide a patent referral, and submit your idea to companies who have agreed to review new ideas. Your representative will tell you about our commitment to confidentiality and explain every step in the invention process.

InventHelp maintains the largest network of regional sales offices of any similar firm: 60+ cities in the United States, Canada, and even internationally. If you're ready to get started with your invention idea, visiting a sales office is an important step. An InventHelp Sales Representative will be able to answer all of your invention-related questions, so if you're serious about your invention idea, contact us and get started today!