Media Outlets

The Invention Companies (InventHelp® and Intromark Incorporated) welcome you to our Media Resources section. Here you can view press releases about InventHelp clients' new product ideas, as well as contact the Invention Companies for additional media updates.

Our companies' services are designed to help inventors submit their inventions to industry. InventHelp and Intromark each perform different functions for inventors and their inventions. For the answers to some FAQs about the Invention Companies, please read more about InventHelp.

To find out if the Invention Companies can arrange interviews or photos of our inventor clients or their inventions, to learn more about us, or to find a knowledgeable professional to speak on the topic of innovation, please contact our publicity department at:

InventHelp Communications Dept.
217 Ninth Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15222

Phone: (800) 424-2089 ext. 4159
Fax: (412) 288-2513