Intromark Incorporated

Intromark Incorporated Attempts Invention Licensing to Companies if Substantial Interest is Expressed.

Intromark Incorporated is an invention licensing and marketing company that works with InventHelp® clients' inventions where substantial interest is expressed. Intromark is a sister company to InventHelp.

When a company may be interested in licensing or acquiring rights to an InventHelp client's invention, it can work directly with an Intromark Licensing Executive.

Intromark's team can perform searches of all of InventHelp's new product idea resources – matched to the criteria defined by a company.

For additional information, companies are invited to contact an Intromark Licensing Executive at 1-800-851-6030, or send an e-mail to In the meantime, please visit's Marketers/Manufacturers section for information about accessing our database of clients' new product ideas.

To order Intromark, products call 1-800-851-6030 or visit the InventHelp Store.

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