Honest Invention Company

Is InventHelp a Legitimate Company?

InventHelp is known for being an honest invention company. If you're looking for an inventor service firm to work with your idea, make sure you are not lured by the sweet-talking guarantees of a dishonest invention company. Attempting to submit an invention or new product idea to industry is a high-risk endeavor, but unfortunately, there are a number of fraudulent service providers who will tell you otherwise.

InventHelp, on the other hand, takes great care to ensure that every potential client is aware of the risk involved. Our approach is straightforward and does not mislead or misinform. This is what separates us from unscrupulous, double-talking organizations who profess to "help" inventors; we pride ourselves on being "The Honest Invention Company." To learn more about how you can distinguish a reputable invention service provider from a deceitful one, see the chart below.



Dishonest Company

Makes no promises and does not imply a likelihood of success.

Implies that you will make money and have financial success.

Gives you its track record right up front.

Overstates its successes. Creates false success stories.

We only make a product claim if they are true. If we tell you we have a product on the market we give you real products that you can find easily and purchase at stores.

Pretends to have products on the market, but there is no documentation and you can't find them in stores anywhere.

States their prices up front.

Leads you on with false promises of profits. Will not tell you their fees until the end.

Explains that royalties and profits are not likely.

Emphasizes the possibility of royalties and monetary gain.

We are upfront with our fees. States their fees up front and relies on the fees paid to perform services.

Has a sliding scale of royalties to encourage you to pay higher fees.

Does not evaluate inventions and explains that if a sales representative gives an opinion about an invention it is only their personal opinion and is not the result of a thorough evaulation and is not a predictor of success.  Believes that only the marketplace can judge the quality of an idea.

Pretends to have a committee evaluation which only accepts the best inventions for their services... in fact all inventions are accepted and told they have great potential.

Refers clients to a licensed patent attorney, who may then offer legal opinions. Explains that very few inventions make money, which is true.

Does not refer to an attorney. Improperly gives patent advice and opinions that only should be given by an attorney.

Straight Talk – Presents the facts honestly.

Sounds too good to be true, and usually is.

InventHelp gives no advice as to whether your idea is patentable. Such advice may come only from a patent attorney or licensed patent agent. If you wish patent advice, it is advisable to seek advice from an independent patent attorney.