With the holidays right around the corner, InventHelp®, will once again take part in an annual food drive to help those in need. InventHelp’s headquarters have been located in the heart of downtown Pittsburgh for 30 years. For that reason, the employees of InventHelp make it their mission to help those less fortunate in the Pittsburgh region.

InventHelp employees will spend most of November collecting non-perishable food items for those in need. “InventHelp has been participating in the Salvation Army’s food drive since 1994. That’s 20 years of giving back to our community, to those who need it the most,” said Gia DelliGatti, InventHelp publicist.

Many employees, including the InventHelp mascot Cavey, will pitch in and volunteer to help load all of the food donations into boxes. Then, the boxes will be loaded into a truck and delivered to the front door of the food bank in downtown Pittsburgh. “It really makes you feel good that we work in a place that allows us to help others by offering up our time and even a simple donation; we know it will go a long way,” added Domenic Liberto, Licensing Executive for InventHelp’s sister company, Intromark Incorporated.

InventHelp, Intromark Incorporated and INPEX are proud of our community service initiatives, and we thank all our employees who donate and volunteer for the food drives. We hope that these contributions help more people enjoy the warmth and true spirit of the holidays each season.