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In This Issue:

• InventHelp's Twelve Gadgets of Christmas
• Inventions for Winter Sniffles
• How was the toy train set invented?

InventHelp's Twelve Gadgets of Christmas

The holidays are a merry time of year here at InventHelp®. We love admiring the beautiful Christmas decorations around downtown Pittsburgh and singing along to the festive carols of the season. But, we noticed that some of our favorite Christmas...

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Inventions for Winter Sniffles

Despite the amazing medical advances that scientists have accomplished over the years, no one has managed to invent a cure for one of the most widespread medical conditions of all: the common cold. With temperatures dropping and holiday stress rising,...

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How was the toy train set invented?

Joshua Lionel Cowen originally designed a miniature train set as a retail window decoration. When people asked to buy the train instead of the window merchandise, he decided to go into business selling train sets. In 1900, Cowen founded Lionel...

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