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InventHelp Asks:

• Who was "The Man Who Saved Christmas"?
• What were the best toys we received as holiday gifts?
• How does InventHelp get involved in Community Service?

A.C. Gilbert: "The Man Who Saved Christmas"

A.C. Gilbert is a famous toy inventor credited with 150 patents. In 1918, he also became known as "The Man Who Saved Christmas." However, Gilbert followed an unexpected path to receive this title.

Gilbert was a well-rounded individual with many different...

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Famous Toy Inventions

Adults sometimes lose sight of the real meaning of the holiday season: that being toys, of course. Sure the quest for toys doesn't necessarily subside as we grow older, just the types of toys we want and our methods of...

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InventHelp Celebrates the Season by Giving

For more than twenty years, InventHelp has made its headquarters in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. InventHelp, our parent company, Technosystems, and all our subsidiaries encourage our employees to participate in community service activities by sponsoring company-wide events to help those in need....

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