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In This Issue:

• Christmas Shopping Guide: Gadgets & New Inventions
• A Famous Invention Dispute: Davy vs. Stevenson
• Who "invented" the modern American Flag?

Christmas Shopping Guide: Gadgets & New Inventions

Thanksgiving is over and Christmas is still weeks away. What better way to kill the time than shop, shop, shop!

At least, that's what the toy companies, clothing stores and electronics boutiques want you to do.

Even if the thought of frenzied...

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A Famous Invention Dispute

In Davy vs. Stephenson, two inventors battled over the invention of the Miner's Safety Lamp

How many times have you watched a commercial for a new toy or a new tool and thought, "That was my idea!"?

They say that great minds...

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Who "invented" the modern American Flag?

It's not Betsy Ross. The current flag was designed by a 17-year-old named Bob Heft. As part of a class project, he redesigned the flag to recognize Hawaii and Alaska. His teacher awarded him a "B-minus." Heft lobbied for a...

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