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InventHelp® Asks:

• How did fireworks become the world's most popular explosive?
• What are inventors saying about the 2005 edition of INPEX®, "The Invention Show"?
• What invention did the most to increase summertime attendence at the movies?

The Big Bang: How Fireworks Became the World's Most Popular Explosive

What's the first thing you think of when someone mentions the Fourth of July? Sure, cookouts, the Liberty Bell, apple pie and the like may come to mind when commemorating our nation's birthday, but no Independence Day festivities would be...

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Inventors Reflect on the INPEX® 2005 Experience

At one of our largest exhibitor showings to date, more than 350 inventors from 20 countries around the world came together June 7-10 to exhibit their inventions at INPEX, America's Largest Invention Trade Show. Presented by InventHelp® and held at...

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Wishing for Innovation: 16-year-old Inventor's Dream Comes True at INPEX 2005

While pursuing your own invention idea can garner a sense of personal satisfaction, sometimes it's just as rewarding to help others realize their dreams. That was definitely the case last month when INPEX, America's largest invention trade show,...

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What invention did the most to increase summertime attendance at the movies?

Air Conditioning. Before theaters had artificially cooled air, picture shows could get rather stuffy in the summertime heat. That is until Willis Carrier conceived the idea for "controlled air" on a balmy night in 1902. The system he came up...

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