Where do companies get ideas for their new products? Some companies develop all of their products in house, believing that the time involved to sort through outside concepts is not worth it. Other companies, however, support open innovation, understanding that no single organization can have a monopoly over new ideas. By supporting open innovation, these companies allow ordinary people and businesses to get their ideas in the market place.

If you're an inventor with an idea, your chances of working with companies is increased in an environment of open innovation because companies that adhere to closed innovation strategies design all of their products in house. Companies that adhere to open innovation recognize the value of both internal and external ideas for the development of new products and technologies.

InventHelp's INPEX continues its support for the burgeoning open innovation movement with the second annual Open Innovation Conference, which will be held concurrently with America's Largest Invention Trade Show on June 13 and 14. By hosting the Open Innovation Conference, InventHelp and INPEX hope to foster this growing movement, which allows inventors to share their ideas with companies more easily. The Open Innovation Conference will show how some companies are working to make this process more efficient.

Attendees will hear from industry leaders such as Dr. Kenneth Klimpel, Worldwide Director of External Innovation at Colgate-Palmolive Co., Dr. Bart Barthelemy, Director of the IDEA Lab at the Wright Brothers Institute, and other proponents of open innovation.

The Conference will take place on Wednesday, June 13, 2012 and Thursday, June 14, 2012 at the Monroeville Convention Center, which is 15 minutes from Downtown Pittsburgh. After the conference, attendees can take advantage of INPEX 2012, where inventors will showcase their products in 50 different product categories. For more information, visit the Open Innovation Conference website or contact Jordan Zangaro at 412-288-1300 ext. 4124.

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