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In This Issue:

• Rubbermaid to Conduct Product Search at INPEX 2012
• What Is Open Innovation?
• How was the Twinkie invented?

Rubbermaid to Conduct Product Search at INPEX 2012

Rubbermaid, a leader in creating innovative solutions that help consumers maintain their homes, will be conducting a search for new products at INPEX 2012. It is looking for new ideas and technologies in the following categories:

  • Home Storage and Organization
  • Food Storage
  • Beverage
  • Cleaning...

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What Is Open Innovation?

Where do companies get ideas for their new products? Some companies develop all of their products in house, believing that the time involved to sort through outside concepts is not worth it. Other companies, however, support open innovation, understanding that...

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How Was the Twinkie Invented?

In 1920, James Dewar began working as a deliveryman for Hostess bakery, transporting its baked goods in a horse pulled truck. By 1930 Dewar became the manager of the bakery and decided to make better use of the bakery's resources.


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