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InventHelp Presents:

• Art Fry, inventor of the Post-it Note®, and his Characteristics of Inventors
• Thinking Inside the Box: inventing in prison
• Invention Trivia: What was the original name for Duct Tape?

Art Fry, Inventor of the Post-it® Note - "One Man's Mistake Is Another's Inspiration"

"If it were easy, someone else would do it." – Art Fry, Inventor of the Post-it® Note

Art Fry, Inventor of Post-it NotesThey are probably all over your computer at work. You use...

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Prisoners' Inventions: "Thinking Inside the Box"

Whoever said "only the stupid criminals get caught" never read Prisoners' Inventions, a book about the indomitable inventive spirit that was written and illustrated by an inmate named Angelo and put together by Temporary Services, a Chicago art company. Noah Shachtman...

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Duct Tape is well known as one of the most versatile forms of tape, but what was its original name?

"Duck" tape. Duct tape was originally created in 1942 for the military to seal ammunition boxes. Its waterproof qualities led to its name, Duck Tape, because it repelled water like ducks' feathers do. Following WWII, people used the versatile tape...

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