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In This Issue:

• Companies Conducting Product Searches at INPEX 2014
• George Foreman to Star in InventHelp Commercials!
• How to Pitch an Idea or New Product to a Company
• InventHelp Client Inventions
• Win microBEATS Speakers on Facebook!

Product Searches

Companies Conducting Product Searches at INPEX 2014

InventHelp® and INPEX are pleased to welcome back numerous companies as well as a few new companies to InventHelp’s INPEX 2014, America’s largest invention trade show. The following will conduct private searches for new products to add to their existing...

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George Foreman

George Foreman to Star in InventHelp Commercials

The InventHelp team is putting the finishing touches on its first commercial featuring our new partner George Foreman. Filmed last month in Houston, the national spot will begin airing in the next few weeks across major networks. “Big George,” a...

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How to Pitch an Idea

How to Pitch an Idea or New Product to a Company

You have decided to pitch your idea or new product to a company. Are you feeling confident and energized by this prospect? Or are you nervous and unsure how to even begin? If you fit into the latter category, don’t...

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Client Inventions

InventHelp Client Inventions

These latest product inventions from InventHelp clients are now sold in stores and/or online. Find out how these inventors came up with their ideas and where they are being sold today.

Invention Name: Collide-O-Cube

What is it? Collide-O-Cube is a challenging puzzle designed to...

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Win microBEATS Speakers on Facebook

This InventHelp client invention is compatible with any TV, iPod®, iPhone®, Smartphone, MP3 player, laptop or tablet. The wireless microBEATS® speaker system creates a rich, theater-like stereo sound experience. Utilizing a Bluetooth® speaker, this portable simplicity brings your entertainment to...

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