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In This Issue:

• INPEX 2008 Is Right Around the Corner!
• InventHelp Celebrates Recent Graduates' Inventions
• Who invented Kevlar®?

INPEX® 2008 is Just Around the Corner!

If you have an invention idea or a prototype and are wondering what to do next, then INPEX may be the place for you. As America's Largest Invention Show, INPEX is the perfect place for inventors to get inventing questions...

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InventHelp Celebrates Recent Graduates' Inventions

If you're one of the many students who are graduating from high school or college – congratulations from InventHelp! Those years of strict teachers, pop quizzes and late-night study sessions are meant to prepare students for the "real world," but...

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Who invented Kevlar®?

Kevlar is a synthetic material that is five times stronger than the same weight in steel, and it will not rust or corrode. It was invented by Stephanie Kwolek through her research for the DuPont Company, and it was patented...

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