Calling all inventive students! The National Museum of Education launched a competition in September 2010, called Student Ideas for a Better America™, to find new inventions and ideas from creative young minds.

The Museum is currently looking for innovative U.S. students in grades K - 12 who have an idea or invention for a new way to demonstrate an educational concept, an idea for a new product, an improvement for an existing product, a new procedure, or any idea that solves a problem. This can be simply an idea that is explained and described, an invention that is a prototype, an invention from a school project, or a project from another competition. All ideas are encouraged and a model is not required to participate in this contest.

NMOE Student Inventors CompetitionThree winners will be chosen every month (one from each division) and each winner will receive $100.00 as well as a certificate of accomplishment for the idea. The three divisions break down into grades K-5, 6-8 and 9-12. Winning entries qualify as national winners and are then eligible for induction into theNational Gallery for America's Young Inventors.

Entries will be kept for twelve months upon receipt and considered each month for a full year. Submissions are judged on creativity, uniqueness and usefulness. The student's age is also taken into consideration for judging.

Registration and other information about the Student Ideas for a Better America competition can be found

The National Museum of Education is a non-profit organization developed and run by educators in conjunction with business professionals. It involves all grade levels, all types of students, and all subject areas. The Museum runs many national programs and its main goal is to get students involved in the innovative and creative process. Some of the Museum's other programs include Inventucation Academy™, Rubber Band Competition for Young Inventors, Energizer for Innovation Camps and Student Ideas for a Greener Earth™.

InventHelp is pleased to see competitions and programs that promote the inventive spirit in America's youth!

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