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In This Issue:

• Sturdy Birds: The Invention of Marshmallow Peeps®
• InventHelp® Salutes Jazz Appreciation Month
• How were windshield wipers invented?

Sturdy Birds: The Invention of Marshmallow Peeps®

They come every Easter, like a little beady-eyed army. They come in many shapes – baby chicks, bunnies and other animals. And according to some urban legends, they're virtually indestructible.

We're talking about Marshmallow Peeps®, either the most delicious or most...

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InventHelp Salutes Jazz Appreciation Month

If inventing were a style of music, it would be jazz. Jazz, like inventing, is characterized by a trailblazing spirit, creativity and the ability to improvise. In honor of Jazz Appreciation Month, InventHelp shares a brief history of jazz.

Part of...

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How were windshield wipers invented?

On a snowy day in 1903, Mary Anderson was travelling in a streetcar. Every now and then, the conductor stopped to get out and clean the windshield. Anderson immediately set to work designing a device controlled from inside the car...

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