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In This Issue:

• 2007 "Young Entrepreneur of the Year" Is the Youngest Ever
• Non-stick Gum and Other Chewing Gum Inventions
• When was shampoo invented?

2007 "Young Entrepreneur of the Year" is the Youngest Ever

As proof that it's never to early to start inventing, 2007's Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award recipient is the youngest student ever to win.

Eleven year-old Jason O'Neill is the creator and founder of Pencil Bugs, which are colorful, bug-like...

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Chew On This: Non-Stick Gum Invented!

With the New Year now in full swing, many of us at InventHelp® are doing the best we can to make good on our ambitious New Year's resolutions.

One of the most popular New Year's resolutions is to live a healthier...

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When was shampoo invented?

Shampoo originated in England in 1877 and was derived from the Hindi word champo, meaning "to massage" or "to knead." Hairdressers were the first to make shampoo by boiling soft soap in soda water, but it did not come into popular...

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