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As the name implies, the Basic Information Package assembles basic information about your invention, idea, concept or new product and the history of its development in a report format. This completed report becomes your Basic Information Package. InventHelp's Basic Information report contains information already known to you which you have supplied to us as well as standardized market information for the needs of inventors and creative people. InventHelp does not determine feasibility, make judgments about or evaluate the possible merits or drawbacks of your invention. Rather, we package your idea in a way that may be useful to you in attempting to attract attention to your idea.

For any client who wishes to attempt to patent an idea, InventHelp can refer you to an attorney who, if engaged, will conduct a preliminary patentability search and prepare an opinion on your behalf. If you request this service, this patentability search can be conducted for you during the same timeframe that InventHelp is preparing your Basic Information Package. *

InventHelp gives no advice as to whether you idea is patentable. Such advice may come only from a patent attorney or licensed patent agent. If you wish patent advice, it is advisable to seek advice from an independent patent attorney.

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